Printing on textile

I often get questions, how to print on textile with laser printer? Now I share you the tricks.

You'll need a dense woven, but not too thick linen sheets, or patchwork material, cutting it a bit larger than an A4 paper size, leave 1-1 cm on both sides. Next step is ironing carefully.

You'll need a good quality glue stick (Pritt) and an A4 printing paper. I apply the glue on one side, particularly focusing on the edges and corners. You have to place the textil carefully on the paper, and smooth to hide the bubbles. I cut the textil along the paper with a sharp scissors, take care not to remain fibers.

The prepared textil and paper can be put in the printer manually. The selected image has to be a bit sharper with more contrast, but not too dark, because it darkens a bit later.

The bonding is made by ironing. I put a greaseproof paper on the printed image and ironing it for 4-5 minutes on the highest temperature. I remove the papers and it's ready to work with. You have to wash it carefully, in cold or lukewarm water. Unfortunately this technique is not the best for clothes and pillows.

I made already advent calendar, Santa Claus boots, textile hearts, patchwork wall picture and baskets too.

Here are some items, which were decorated whit this technique: