Decoupage anno

Interestingly, I'd like to show you where I met first time he technique of decoupage as a creative activity.

I used to sew only my own wardrobe, and a few clothes to my family. Thus, sewing was the only creative activity, which I ran beside work. I bought regularly and the magazine, called "Burda", of which I took out the patterns. Since 1987 I collected a lot number of the magazine. Even today It take place in one big shelf, the fashion is changing, but the cut lines come back over and over again, can be fitted to the actual fashion trends.

I've seen an article in the 1997 October issue, titled "how to make artistic fake images". There is no doubt, today this technique is known as decoupage decoration. Of course that time they didn't work with modern ingredients, but with home-made glue, varnish, etc. Even then I really liked this, but only tried it many years later, with up to date materials.

Now, I was looking for something else, and accidentally came the magazine in my hands, I decided to show you this...