Wonderful Provance…

Nowadays, it's trending to decorate our home in style of Provence. But what does that mean exactly? The name came from a South French region, which is famous from it's wonderful landscape, fine dining, spices, the best wines, turquoise blue sea and the beautiful weather. Who wouldn't love this? The Provencal - style has an age-old tradition, preserves certain elements, keep and further develop some others, uses it today outside and interior design as well.

The interior designers use to apply the nature-inspired motives, and drawings. Curtains, tablecloths, napkins, bedspreads, pillows, towels are decorated with these motifs, which are usually printed to cotton. It's a famous habit to place on the table a bread-basket from textile, but also apply to decorate wine bottles. Most often used motifs are: rooster, sunflowers, lavender, olives, local flowers and fruits.

The fragrance of the herbs has already major role in household. The lavender, oregano or rosemary in small bags can eliminate the bad smell remaining after cooking. The most commonly used basic colors are neutral colors such as Grey, beige, white, ivory, but can be found the olive green, red, indigo, mustard yellow, azure blue and the shades of them. Provencial interior isn't imaginable without ceramic pots, jugs, plates and vases. They aren't only decoration elements, but use for the intended purpose as well.

Provance gave a lot to our world. The various landscape, the mountains, the sea, the olives and the flowers inspired many artists such as Paul Cézanne, Van Gogh, Renoir, Matisse , Claude Monet, and the list goes on.
I show you such items, that anyone can easily prepare with decoupage technique, painting, sewing, or embroidery.